February 28, 2011


I don't know why but my mom put me in a crate today and we went for a ride, I thought it was to the vet again, but we ended up at this place where there were a lot of flying machines. I thought it was pretty neat, until my mom said goodbye and she went away! WHAT DID I DO?! And then I was whisked away into a couple of those flying machines, I had food and water but it was so dark and cold in there! I finally landed somewhere called "National Airport" a long time later, and a guy picked me up. He talked to me and tried petting me, but I hid in the corner of the crate and refused to let him touch me. FREAK! But I had to get into the guy's arms when the crate started moving and I got motion sickness. I was getting sick of it anyway, it smelled awful. Once I got out, there were so many great big cars everywhere, and they were loud and stinky, especially the monstrosity that the guy called a "Metrobus."

We got into another car, and I was so confused. Where was mom?! There was a girl driving, but she wasn't mom; I sat in the guy's lap and he held me close and pet me, which sort of helped. But it really helped when he gave me some food, that was nice of him. But when we finally stopped, it still wasn't home, and the guy put a rope around my neck! It wasn't tight so I slipped out easily, but then I had no idea where to go. There isn't as much grass as mom's house, I happened to find a fenced-in yard but then I had nowhere to go. I finally gave up when the guy held out some more food, and this time he picked me up and carried me instead of putting that choker around my neck.

Anyway, the 4 of us walked into a building and into a miniature house. Where was mom's house and that backyard? Did I do something wrong?! I did have 2 comfy beds to sleep in, at least, and I was pretty tired from flying so that was good. The guy left shortly after, but the girl driver and her sister stayed with me until I fell asleep. Guess I'll figure out what's going on tomorrow, right now I just want to sleeeeeeeep....zzzzz