March 3, 2011

Doggie park

Today, we went to a place called a "dog park." Turns out it's just a fenced-in area where I can roam free with other dogs! I mostly stuck to the edges though, I didn't know the other dogs and some of them didn't seem all too friendly, especially the giant ones. But I REALLY liked running free when nobody was around to bother me, it was great! The best part was when I met a couple dogs like me, Dad said they were poodles. They recognized me as family like I did them, and we had some fun romping and sniffing.

I found out that paper is really fun to chew and tear apart! It's like I'm a master hunter, I can pounce and tear that apart. Who's your daddy now?!

I also found out that it's not hard to jump up on the couch. Glad I found that out, I hated pawing Dad just to get his attention to put me on the couch next to him.