March 5, 2011

House breaking and dog party

I was wondering what all the food Dad bought was for. Turns out a bunch of other dogs came over for a party! I met a giant dog named Atlas, and an MONSTER dog named Nalu. Nalu was pretty chill for being such a beast, Atlas was a nutter though, he kept begging for food. I'm going to have to learn that! I'm pretty sure everyone loved me the best though.

Dad wasn't too happy that I keep peeing inside, but I can't help it, this "carpet" is sooooo comfy on my feet! I love it!! Plus it's a new home so I need to let other dogs know that it's *my* house. Dad keeps yelling "NO!" and "PAD!" and points at the grassy-smelling paper on the ground whenever I go. I think he wants me to go on it, but I prefer the warm fuzziness of this "carpet" miracle.