March 8, 2011


Mom watched me tonight as Dad disappeared once again (he seems to do this quite often, I wonder where he goes?). We had an accident though, she didn't seem to realize I wasn't done pooping so she pulled on my collar, which made me topple over and land on my poop! She tried wiping it off, but she didn't get it all, so I ended up leaving poo all over my crate and Dad's bathroom floor. He was very upset when he got home, as was I since I couldn't even sleep in my crate, the poo (and smell) was so bad. He gave me a bath/shower when he got home, which I absolutely hated, but at least I felt and smelled clean afterward! Dad spent most of the day cleaning the bathroom and my two beds and my crate and my blankie and my toys. Now everything smells fresh. Yay!