March 9, 2011


I'm starting to get used to peeing on this pad thing, I still prefer the carpet but Dad makes sure I don't have access to that when he disappears and when he sleeps I really have no other choice. Dad walks me for a REALLY long time twice a day, so I'm usually too tired to get into any mischief. But sometimes Dad forgets to walk me (usually when it's raining outside, but that's mostly because I hate the rain) and when he does, WATCH OUT! Magazines, toilet paper, furniture, it's all getting gobbled up!

The weird thing I've noticed about my new home (Dad says it's called "Arlington" but I know that's not true because that's in Texas!) is that there's a lot of hard surfaces here that I never had back home. I mean, I'll be walking along and all of a sudden I'll come across this round circular thing that Dad calls a "manhole cover." He walks on them and tries to get me to go, but I refuse! I know something bad will happen when I walk on one, Dad even tried tricking me by putting a tasty treat in the middle of one, but I stretched and moved around and stretched some more until I finally reached it. There's also red stuff called "bricks" along our walk, as well as a deep hole that's covered by a "grate." I avoid all that stuff, which Dad hates because he says I need to look both ways before getting on to the street. Dad says I'm the "Adrian Monk" of the dog world, I'm sure that's a compliment!